Spaghetti Twisting Certification

Spaghetti twisting has long been a very frustrating thing for many people. Me Certified will help put this frustration to rest. Twisting has always been the most efficient way to consume spaghetti, but only if the consumer has mastered this skill. In a matter of minutes you can be on your way to twisting like a pro. You can now order that gigantic plate of spaghetti at your favorite fancy Italian restaurant and not be ashamed of how you eat it. By successfully completing the MeCertified exam, the student will be presented with an authentic certificate showing the special skills.

* Degree type : Certification
* Questions in this exam : 7
* Correct number to pass : 5
* Exam by : Dr. Twistiaggo
* Price : FREE

39 - Pecent of people pass this test.

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