Commonly Asked Questions

Not so common answers.

1. Is this for real?
Yes. The REAL question is are YOU for real?

2. After I've earned a certification what can I do with it?
Lot's of things. You can hang it on the wall. Fold it in half, then half again, then half one more time and put it into your pocket. You can turn it into an origami. Look at it.

3. Will I get respect?
That depends. You should, but we can't control other people's behavior and we can't make them respect you.

4. How many times can I take an exam?
As many times as it takes to get certified. Unless you want to just give up. In that case see question 5.

5. Why?
We believe in helping people attain their dreams. Unless they don't want to achieve those dreams. If you don't care then why should we? Who are we kidding... we still care.

6. What happens if I put metal in a microwave?
Bad things. Don't ever do it. Ever.

7. Do qualified people create the exams?
All our exam writers are certified exam writers with certificates from stating they are certified.

8. Where am I?
You are at our web site reading the Commonly Asked Questions page. Specifically question number 8 and the word airplane.

9. Can I earn a college articulation credit?
Maybe. Print out your certification and take it into the admissions office of your college. Show everyone in the office your certificate and let them know that you are interested in a non-traditional credit.