Spaghetti Twisting Certification - Test

Qestion 1
True or False, Spaghetti twisting can be done with a spoon just as easy as with a fork.

Qestion 2
If you are right-handed, in which rotation direction should the spaghetti be twisted ?

Qestion 3
In order to avoid spaghetti sauce splashes, at what maximum rotation rate should twisting occur?

A32 rotations/second
B5 rotations/second
C8 rotations/second
D2 rotations/second
Qestion 4
If you are attending a spaghetti dinner fund-raiser at the local VFW hall and your only utensil option is a plastic fork, what do you do?

BFind a kitchen worker and demand a metal fork.
CReach into your pocket and pull out that collapsible camping fork you always keep on you.
DGo to the nearest restaurant and borrow a metal fork.
Qestion 5
Are motorized twisting forks OK to use?

ASure, if you still have training wheels on your bike.
BNo, itís a slap in the face to a certified spaghetti twister.
CMarinara with mushrooms.
DYes, but only if you live alone and no one can see you use it.
Qestion 6
What do you do if you have one or two strands of spaghetti left on your plate and they're not easily twistable?

ALeave them. In some cultures, that's a compliment to the chef.
BCut them up into tiny pieces and scoop them onto a spoon with your fork.
CTip your head back, lift your plate up to your mouth, and let the spaghetti slide off the plate into your mouth.
DKeep twisting, you're not trying hard enough.
Qestion 7
How often should you eat spaghetti in order to keep twisting skill levels at a maximum?

ATwice a week.
BThree times a day.
CThree times a year.
DOnce a month.
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