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Some may say this is funny, or it's a joke. It's funny because it's not a joke! People all over desperately need various certification in a variety of fields that are just not available. We want to help you achieve your dream and if piece of paper from us with some writing on it will do that... Then great!

The best part is... Our useless and meaningless certifications are absolutely free. When you have completed the exam you will receive a printable wall certificate that you can proudly display.
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Our Most Popular Exams

Ham Sandwich Certification
Have you always wanted to complete your degree in Ham Sandwich making but didn't have the time or money? Now through MeCertified.com you can complete that dream all for free.

Certified Small Talk Conversationalist
Mastering the art of small talk will allow one to face challenges that may have not been faceable in the past. It is an important part of grocery shopping, waiting at the doctor's office, and picking up kids from soccer practice.

Body Odor Identification Certificate
Students will have demonstrated advance knowledge in a variety of odor classifications including breath, flatulence, armpit and feet.